Jacob Groth

Danish Film Composer

Interview with Jacob

July 2017

Koda, the Danish performing rights organization, made an interview with Jacob. We are sorry that this is only available in Danish.


Jacob Groth has signed his catalogue to Edition Wilhelm Hansen / Music Sales Creative

June 2017

It is with great pleasure that Edition Wilhelm Hansen and Music Sales Creative can follow up on last year’s news that Jacob Groth was signed as a composer to Edition Wilhelm Hansen / Music Sales Creative. We can now proudly announce that Jacobs agreement with the EWH / MS has been expanded and includes not only the music composing at present and in the future but also the impressive array of award winning works that Jacob Groth has already composed. Music for movies such as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Kapgang and TV shows such as KrønikenØrnenRejseholdet and more recently the Swedish TV Series Modus , the US NBC series Midnight, Texas and the Danish series Mercur . Jacob states: “I am ambitious and always strive for the best results. As an artist, I’m constantly looking for people who share my passion for creating music that supports and lifts the movies and TV shows that I am working on. Since my first meeting with Wilhelm Hansen, I have been convinced that this publisher would be the right partner for me” . He added, “It feels right that all my works are now gathered at a publishing house that is a significant part of Danish musical history – I am proud to be part of that family of wonderful composers that EWH and Music Sales represent”.

“On behalf of Edition Wilhelm Hansen, we are looking forward to the daily cooperation and the addition of the many titles from Jacob Groth’s catalog allows us to take an overview of the composer and reflect all the facets of his artistic work”, says director Loui Törnqvist.


June 2017

“Midnight, Texas” is a new TV series with music by Jacob Groth, based on the best-selling book series by Charlaine Harris (author of the novels that inspired “True Blood”), executive produced by Monica Owusu-Breen (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”) and David Janollari (“Six Feet Under”) and produced by Universal Television and David Janollari Entertainment

This supernatural thriller takes a journey into a remote Texas town called Midnight where nothing is what it seems. The town of Midnight sits on a veil between the living and hell. where being normal is strange and only outsiders fit in. Midnight is a mysterious safe haven for those who are different – a perfect place for anyone looking to hide from the outside world.

Midnight Texas is staring among others; Francois Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Arielle Kebbel, Jason Lewis, Peter Mensah and Sara Ramos.

All music for Midnight, Texas is composed by Jacob Groth and created with his team; assisting engineers Ole Bo and Soeren Moeller, recorded at Griffith Park Studio, Hollywood. Music editors Alex Levy and Eric Wegener.

Radio interview with Jacob Groth

April 2017

If you speak Danish, enjoy this radio interview with Jacob, when Filmland paid a visit to his studio in Copenhagen. Filmland Interview

MERCUR, new TV Danish TV-series on air

March 2017

The brand-new TV series MERCUR,  premiered Monday March 6th 2017 on Danish TV2 Charlie, with fine ratings, good reviews and pulling attention from medias.

All music for the ten episodes is composed by Jacob Groth and created with his team, assisting engineers Ole Bo and Soeren Moeller.

MERCUR is in ten episodes telling the true story about Danish pirate radio station RADIO MERCUR, who were broadcasting from a ship in international sea, to the Danish Youth at the end the 1950’s.

Executive producer is Adam Price, well-known from TV series such as ‘Borgen’, ‘Taxa’, ‘Anna Pihl’ and ‘Nikolaj & Julie’. MERCUR is produced by Nordic Noir legend Sven Clausen and Stine Meldgaard.  Main script writer is Soeren Frellesen, and conceptual director is Charlotte Sachs Bostrup.

Midnight Texas News

February 2017

Back in Los Angeles, in his new studio facility, Jacob is working closely with his team finishing off the first 3 episodes of Midnight Texas right now. Jacobs production team at this NBC TV Series is;

Assistants, Ole Bo, Soeren Moeller, Lasse Elkjaer  and Music Editors, Alex Levy and Eric Wegener.

Get the latest news updates here Midnight_Texas . Watch the trailer at this website

Livekoncert with Jacob Groth and The Danish Filmharmonics

December 2016

Jacob Groth and The Danish Filmharmonics will be playing live with Danish Chamber Orchestra / Danmarks Underholdningsorkester at the grand opening of The SPOT Festival 2017 at Aarhus Concerthall. Tickets and more info is available here 


Picture by Adam Battaglia

Modus on BBC

November 2016

BBC will start up the showing of Swedish TV series MODUS tonight (November 26th) at 21.00. They will be broadcasting all 8 episodes of season 1. Jacob Groth created all music for the full series.

Modus @ BBC


Photo by Johan Paulin Miso Film/TV4

DR Receive International Emmy Directorate Award

November 2016

Yesterday at the Emmy’s in New York, DR (Denmarks national TV and Radio broadcaster) received an International Emmy Directorate Award – an award of great honour. The award was based on the six times Emmy Award winning DR’s series, and the broadcaster in general setting new standards for gloabl TV drama.

Out of the six DR winners Jacob Groth created the music for an impressive four; ‘International Drama winners ‘Livvagterne’ (The Protectors) (2009), ‘Ørnen’ (The Eagle) (2005), ‘Rejseholdet’ (Unit One) (2002) and in International Miniseries ‘Unge Andersen’ (Young Andersen) (2005).

Jacob certainly add his trademark to the many successfully TV series and Films under the industry standard for excellence “Nordic Noir”, which has become a genre in its own right, influencing screenwriters, directors, composers and inspiring audiences far beyond the Scandinavian Peninsula.

International Emmy Awards website

 (Foto: Jemal Countess © International Emmy Awards)



Radio Mercur

November 2016

Radio Mercur was a legendary Danish pirate radio,. In the late 50’s they were challenging the Danish radio monopoly from their ship based in the sea between Denmark and Sweden, right outside of Copenhagen. A Danish Radio Luxemburg so to speak.

The great story of Radio Mercur is now being filmed as a TV Series, with the score music created by Jacob Groth, alongside hits from Tommy Steele, Elvis Presley, Ib Glindemann, Nina & Frederik, Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann, Raquel Rastenni, Alice Babs, Birthe Wilke and Otto Brandenburg.


Executive producer is Adam Price, who also wrote the script for ”Borgen”, and produced by Stine Meldgaard and Sven Clausen. Script by Søren Frellesen and directors are Charlotte Sachs Bostrup and Mogens Hagedorn.

The series will be starring Andreas Jessen, Neel Rønholt and Jon Lange, as well as fine selection of Danish award-winning stars; Stephania Potalivo, Charlotte Fich, Peter Gantzler, Jesper Lohmann, Henrik Birch, Rasmus Botoft, Susanne Storm, Steen Stig Lommer and Ken Vedsegaard. The series will start up in the spring 2017 on TV2 Charlie.

 Picture of one of the main characters Andreas Jessen, by Carsten Andersen / TV 2

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