Jacob Groth

Danish Film Composer

Kapgang in theatres all over Denmark

September 2014

“Kapgang” / “Speedwalking” is now showing at 118 theatres in Denmark. Ticketsales are very promising, and first week end showing, 42.503 admissions were sold. We are still eagerly awaiting the Oscars, where the film is on Danish shortlist sofar.

Speed Walking (Kapgang) on danish shortlist for Ocars

August 2014

Speed Walking (Kapgang), the coming Niels Arden film, with Jacobs score music, is on the Danish short-list for the Oscars. The film will premier august 28 in Denmark.
Speed Walking for Oscars

Unforgettable season 3

July 2014

Jacob is currently scoring 13 new episodes of Unforgettable season 3.

Jacob has just received an ASCAP award for his work on “Unforgettable” season 2, which was one of the highest rated TV shows in 2013 in the US.

CBS Network are now showing season 3. The series is showing world wide on various networks.
View Unforgettable season 3.


"Skin Trade"

July 2014

Jacob is currently composing for “Skin Trade”, produced by Dolph Lundgren and Craig Baumgarten, written by Dolph Lundgren, Gabirel Dowrick, Steven Elder and John Hyams. The action movie will be starring Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman and Celina Jade among others. Skin Trade will premier in 2015.

Jacob now on Facebook

June 2014

Jacob is now on Facebook. Follow him here:

Kapgang trailer released

June 2014

The trailer for Niels Arden-Oplev’s comming feature film, Kapgang, is now released. Jacob has written the full music score.

Watch trailer here:

Concerts ahead!

February 2014

The new Danish feature film “Kapgang” (Race Walking) directed by Niels Arden is now finished! It is based on the book by Morten Kirkskov and will premiere sometime in October this year.

Jacob is now preparing for a new season of “Unforgettable” and rehearsing for concerts in both Scandinavia and Los Angeles.

The concerts will include music from many different filmscores among others “The Millennium Trilogy”, “Dead Man Down”, “Young Andersen” etc. The concert will be performed as one long piece, a journey into moods of love, action, suspense and drama! Dates will be announced later.



November 2013

The work on TV series “Unforgettable”, Season 2 has just been finished, which will be on the screens in 2014. “Unforgettable” TV series is now being broadcasted in 100 countries worldwide.

Jacob is currently working with the full score for Niels Arden Oplevs next feature film “Kapgang”.

Unforgettable series here:

Kapgang - a new Danish movie

May 2013

Jacob is currently working on the next (2nd) season of CBS Broadcast series “Unforgettable”, which will continue until end of the year.

He also initiated the composing on the score for Niels Arden Oplevs next Danish movie “Kapgang” based on Morten Kirkskov’s novel from 2010. The film will premiere in 2014.

All about Kapgang:

Dead Man Down

February 2013

Jacob created music score for Niels Arden Oplevs highly expected feature film “Dead Man Down”. The movie will be showing in the US from March, and will be starring Noomi Rapace and Colin Farrell. Later in the spring, Jacobs soundtrack will be released on Varese Sarabande.

Trailer for Dead Man Down here:

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