Working on Unforgettable and Modus

American TV series “Unforgettable”, season 4, is now in production. Jacob composed the music for all episodes. Season four is starring among others Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh and Michael Gaston. Music Editor Derek Somaru, and Creators John Bellucci and Ed Redlich.

MODUS, the brand new Swedish TV-thriller, is almost finished and ready to air on Swedish TV4 September 23rd at 21.00. MODUS is a thriller in 8 episodes based on Anne Holts novels about profiler Inger Johanne Vik. It is a thrilling story that raises questions about religion, human rights, and the very nature of love itself. It goes beyond conventional crime and peppers the story with red-hot political issues and criticizing intolerance.

Modus is starring among others: Melinda Kinnaman, Henrik Norlén, Krister Henriksson and Marek Oravec. MODUS is created and written by the three times Emmy award winning duo Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe (Unit One, The Eagle, Protectors, The Team)  and is produced by MISO Film. Concept Director for episode 1-4 is Lisa Siwe (Glowing stars, The Bridge), and Mani Maserrat for episode 5-8. Chief editor Roberth Nordh.

All music is composed by five times Emmy Award winner Jacob Groth. Music is performed by The Danish Filmharmonics, soloists: Bastian Schneider (Cello), Benedikte Thyssen and  Karen Johanne Pedersen (Violin), and Viola players Ida-Marie Arendt and Marie-Louise Jensen. Jacobs production team: Assistants/programming, Ole Bo & Søren Møller and mixing engineer Jørgen Knub.

Pressphoto, by Morgan Norman, Rockson STHLM