DR Receive International Emmy Directorate Award

Yesterday at the Emmy’s in New York, DR (Denmarks national TV and Radio broadcaster) received an International Emmy Directorate Award – an award of great honour. The award was based on the six times Emmy Award winning DR’s series, and the broadcaster in general setting new standards for gloabl TV drama.

Out of the six DR winners Jacob Groth created the music for an impressive four; ‘International Drama winners ‘Livvagterne’ (The Protectors) (2009), ‘Ørnen’ (The Eagle) (2005), ‘Rejseholdet’ (Unit One) (2002) and in International Miniseries ‘Unge Andersen’ (Young Andersen) (2005).

Jacob certainly add his trademark to the many successfully TV series and Films under the industry standard for excellence “Nordic Noir”, which has become a genre in its own right, influencing screenwriters, directors, composers and inspiring audiences far beyond the Scandinavian Peninsula.

International Emmy Awards website

 (Foto: Jemal Countess © International Emmy Awards)