MERCUR, new TV Danish TV-series on air

The brand-new TV series MERCUR,  premiered Monday March 6th 2017 on Danish TV2 Charlie, with fine ratings, good reviews and pulling attention from medias.

All music for the ten episodes is composed by Jacob Groth and created with his team, assisting engineers Ole Bo and Soeren Moeller.

MERCUR is in ten episodes telling the true story about Danish pirate radio station RADIO MERCUR, who were broadcasting from a ship in international sea, to the Danish Youth at the end the 1950’s.

Executive producer is Adam Price, well-known from TV series such as ‘Borgen’, ‘Taxa’, ‘Anna Pihl’ and ‘Nikolaj & Julie’. MERCUR is produced by Nordic Noir legend Sven Clausen and Stine Meldgaard.  Main script writer is Soeren Frellesen, and conceptual director is Charlotte Sachs Bostrup.