Jacob Groth has signed his catalogue to Edition Wilhelm Hansen / Music Sales Creative

It is with great pleasure that Edition Wilhelm Hansen and Music Sales Creative can follow up on last year’s news that Jacob Groth was signed as a composer to Edition Wilhelm Hansen / Music Sales Creative. We can now proudly announce that Jacobs agreement with the EWH / MS has been expanded and includes not only the music composing at present and in the future but also the impressive array of award winning works that Jacob Groth has already composed. Music for movies such as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Kapgang and TV shows such as KrønikenØrnenRejseholdet and more recently the Swedish TV Series Modus , the US NBC series Midnight, Texas and the Danish series Mercur . Jacob states: “I am ambitious and always strive for the best results. As an artist, I’m constantly looking for people who share my passion for creating music that supports and lifts the movies and TV shows that I am working on. Since my first meeting with Wilhelm Hansen, I have been convinced that this publisher would be the right partner for me” . He added, “It feels right that all my works are now gathered at a publishing house that is a significant part of Danish musical history – I am proud to be part of that family of wonderful composers that EWH and Music Sales represent”.

“On behalf of Edition Wilhelm Hansen, we are looking forward to the daily cooperation and the addition of the many titles from Jacob Groth’s catalog allows us to take an overview of the composer and reflect all the facets of his artistic work”, says director Loui Törnqvist.