New album from Jacob

Jacob is for the time being releasing a series of singles digitally on all platforms. They will make a full album, when all are released. Album is named “Music For Your Inner Movie”, all composed by Jacob, music is performed by Jacob and The Copenhagen Filmharmonics.

The album is dedicated to the young generation of humans fighting for our planet, and the song titles is inspired by nature, where Jacob is spending a lot of his time. The album was created after a terrible experience with a major film project in Los Angeles. He simply started writing on an album for himself, that would make him happy. Give him back the pleasure of working with music again.

Jacob really enjoyed making all of the 11 songs, and recording them with his great team The Danish Filmharmonics including Soloists Henrik Goldsmidt og Adam McKenzie. The album is engineered by Søren M og Ole Bo, both of them also play piano,synth,marimba, drums and percussion on the album.

You will find the songs here