‘Natatorium’ Original Score

Jacob Groth’s score for psychological drama ‘Natatorium’ has been released on Naxos Denmark as a 5-track EP.

The icelandic thriller ‘Natatorium’ is written and directed by Helena Stefáns Magneudóttir and centres around 18 year old Lilja, who becomes involved in the dark past of her family and life-threatening secrets, when she visits her grandparents, whom she barely knows.

The grandparents’ house are described in the musical mystic on ‘Living House’. Muted piano melodies are weaven into the darkness like light, naive footsteps. Vocals glide forwards slowly and conclude the EP with the more vocal-based ‘After Thoughts’, where you hear Hannah Schneider and Troels Abrahamsen in grand, Nordic nostalgia.

Listen to “Natatorium – Original Score” by Jacob Groth here.

The release is the first of a new series from Naxos, where they dive into the sound of Nordic film.